Perfect Attendance is a professional services consulting company specializing in foreclosure sale attendance and courthouse concierge services in the state of Florida. The goal of our company is to mitigate any risk and increase the efficiencies of our clients, and more importantly, improve their bottom line.

We are committed to performing continuously research on the latest strategies and ideas to create integrated solutions that meet our clients’ needs. Our founding principles of honesty, integrity, excellence, collaboration, passion, and corporate responsibility shape every facet of our approach to the partnership with our clients. We provide a customized, not one process fits all, approach to meet and exceed our clients’ business needs so that we may provide sound recommendations from an informed perspective. Our entire team is dedicated to the growth of our clients’ businesses.

Perfect Attendance has always adhered to our company values of customer first, innovation, learning, positive teamwork, integrity and accountability which shape every facet of our approach with our partnerships.

Financial Benefits

To ensure clients invest in Perfect Attendance wisely and efficiently, we use a per-piece pricing model. Clients have seen the following results

  • Reduced risk by 95%
  • Reduced processing time by 50% to 70%
  • Reduced cost by 20%